The Reinvented 2012 Focus Electric. It’s ready. Are you?

The all-new Ford Focus Electric arrives in 2012 as one of the first all-electric vehicles capable of reaching 100 miles per gallon equivalent fuel efficiency. Built with advanced energy-saving technology, it can run on free energy with Ford's solar recharging option. The Ford Focus Electric is the first electric vehicle engineered with new, faster charging technology, so it can charge in half the time of current all-electric models. Its liquid-heated lithium-ion battery system uses an advanced active liquid cooling and heating system to increase electrical energy storage. As a result, the 2012 Focus Electric provides drivers with improved and longer-lasting battery strength. What sets the Focus Electric apart from current models is its completely eco-friendly design, from its seat cushions made from soy-based foams to the lightweight wood-fiber Lignotock material installed behind its cloth-trimmed door panels. Using post-consumer recyclable materials instead of petroleum-sourced components, Ford has crafted the new 2012 Focus Electric to become the premier environmentally-friendly compact car.

New Features from Prior Year

Specially designed components like a high-voltage electric HVAC compressor, all-electric powertrain and single-speed transmission are unique to the 2012 Ford Focus Electric. Engineered to deliver top speeds of 84 mph on its 143 horsepower electric motor, the Focus Electric features next-generation automotive technologies that give drivers pinpoint precise braking, instant responsiveness and seamless 0 to 60 mph acceleration. The intelligent Ford SYNC and MyFord Touch systems help drivers extend the range gained after each charge and reduce electricity costs by half through the Ford value charging feature available on the MyFord mobile smartphone application. Standard features include 17 inch 15-spoke aluminum wheels, HD radio and onboard voice-activated Navigation System and push-button ignition.

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The price range of the car, MPG and economical reasons to own it

The Ford Focus Electric offers the benefits of significantly reduced fuel costs from its all-electric motor. Without the need for a single drop of gasoline, the 2012 Focus Electric never requires an oil change or costly trips to the gas station. Driving 80 miles in a gas-powered vehicle with a 30 mpg rating would cost $8.80 based on a $3.30 per gallon cost of gasoline. With the Ford Focus Electric, the equivalent cost to travel 80 miles would be only $2.10, a 300% difference compared to driving a gas-powered car. The Ford Focus Electric is the first five-passenger vehicle to break the triple digit threshold for fuel economy. It produces 100 mpg equivalent with its combined electric motor, fuel cell and regenerative braking systems to conserve energy. Owning the Ford Focus Electric costs much less than expected when the $7,500 Federal Income Tax Credit is applied to the final price. Its starting MSRP is $39,200, with models now available for pre-order in select U.S. cities.

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